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** Update April 3, 2014 **

Westmount Drive Reconstruction: Your Views on Traffic Calming Matter! 

The City of London’s planned reconstruction of Westmount Drive will be finalized soon. The City has indicated it will consider local residents’ views and is currently distributing a very short mail-back survey.

THIS is your chance to provide input into this project that affects all Westmount Hills residents.

The Westmount Hills Residents Association encourages everyone to complete the survey since. a high response rate is needed for the City to adjust its proposals in line with residents’ preferences. A low response rate will not result in any changes to the City’s proposal.

If your neighbour is away or unlikely to get the City’s mailed survey, please contact us at westmounthills@gmail.com. We can forward a copy of the survey to them by email to ensure their opinion is counted. 

NOTE: The City of London mail-out survey is the ONLY survey that will affect the project's design, but if you want to share your views on the project with the WHRA and help us advocate for residents' views complete our optional WHRA survey

Quick links related to the reconstruction:

More information on traffic calming options, including diagrams of possible features can be viewed by clicking here.

The full proposed project design is included HERE  - Adobe PDF reader is required to view the plan.

Note: the City is still considering the need for a left-hand turn lane on Westmount Drive at Commissioners. Based on feedback from residents we are advocating for the removal of the proposed turning lane in order to save mature trees on the north-west corner of the intersection and to remove a feature that may encourage cut-through traffic.

The proposed sidewalk has now been changed to a curb-faced sidewalk on the west side of Westmount Drive through the entire proposed route from Commissioners to the south edge of Hillcrest. This change has been the result of resident feedback and is an effort to reduce the number of trees affected. 

Based on the results of our 'straw poll' survey there appears to be very srong support for traffic calming on Westmount drive. Here are some pictures of the traffic calming features being considered:

Sample Speed Hump  Raised Intersection


Updated March 29, 2014

A follow-up meeting between the City and the WHRA took place Thursday, March 27th. Here are a few notes from that meeting:

1) Consultations with the City's specialist on traffic calming have narrowed the feasible options to two. Speed humps (referred to as cushions) and/ or raised intersections. 

2) the option of a sidewalk on the east side of Westmount Drive is even more difficult than previously thought. Up to 60 mature trees would be lost with that option and various other construction issues would arise including steep driveways and the necessity of retaining walls. With this in mind we feel that the sidewalk options that should be considered are: no sidewalk, or a sidewalk on the west side of Hillcrest. The City appears open to the option of a curb facing sidewalk (i.e. no boulevard) as this may save some trees on the west side of Westmount Dr and help reduce the impact of a sidewalk on adjacent properties.

City officials have provided a draft of the reconstruction plan to help us all understand the construction project here: ( click here to download PDF )


Updated March 24, 2014 (revised March 29th)

Westmount Drive Reconstruction

On Thursday March 20, the City of London held a meeting to gather public input into the reconstruction of Westmount Drive between Commissioners Road and Hillcrest which is scheduled for May – August 2014. Approximately 50 residents attended the meeting along with Justin Lawrence and Larry Davidson from the City planning department, several other City staff, and the local councillor Paul Van Meerbergen. The current proposed changes include:

  • 6m wide paved roadway (very close to the current travelled portion of the road)
  • New storm and sanitary sewers, curbs and gutters
  •  a sidewalk on the west side of Westmount Drive that would be curb-facing (adjacent to curb) from Commissioners to the south edge of Hillcrest Drive (curb facing for this final leg)
  • A dedicated/ marked left-hand turn lane for turning left onto Commissioners Road from Westmount Drive
  • Slight grade changes to the road including approx. 6 in to 1 ft of “shaving” off the hill between Tobin Court and Old Mill Court. 

The meeting resulted in a productive exchange of concerns and ideas between residents and City staff. The key concerns raised included:

1. The addition of a sidewalk would result in the loss of mature trees on Westmount Drive. If it was built on the west side 10 - 14 trees would be lost. The Project Manager, Larry Davidson estimated that the cost of construction would be higher and that approximately 60 trees would be lost if the sidewalk was built on the east side of Westmount Drive. Two trees could potentially be saved by having the sidewalk go around trees where possible.

The new sidewalk, curb and gutters, and loss of mature trees would change the natural/rural look and feel of the neighbourhood which currently has a unique flavour within the city. It was noted that while a sidewalk could benefit pedestrians, there is little pedestrian traffic along Westmount Drive. The proposed sidewalk ends half way along Westmount Drive (near Hillcrest Drive) and does not continue to Springbank Drive.

*New* The City has provided a very detailed best practices guide to " Sidewalk Design, Construction and Maintenance " for our reference.

2. The quantity and speed of traffic along Westmount Drive was raised as a major safety and quality of life issue. There was a general consensus among attendees that traffic calming measures are needed to reduce the amount of cut-through traffic from Springbank and also the speed of traffic to improve safety for pedestrians (including school children) and cyclists. The high level of support from residents along Hillcrest for speed humps was an indicator of the wide recognition of the problem of cut-through traffic and speed.

The City has not included any traffic calming measures in the current plans other than to keep the road relatively narrow at 6m wide between the curbs, which tends to limit traffic speeds.

The City agreed to put this project on a list of routes that will be considered for traffic calming measures.

Next steps

City staff committed to further consultation regarding the project and to consider broadly surveying residents on the proposed sidewalk and on traffic calming measures.

In addition to the City of London mail-out survey, the WHRA would like to gather the opinions of residents... 

                                                 TAKE OUR SURVEY HERE



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